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Beginner’s Guide To Essential (Free) WordPress Plugins In 2017

Plugins are used for a number of different purposes on WordPress sites. At the time of writing this post, there are 49,254 plugins on’s plugin repository. You can not possibly need so many plugins and nor should you have to go through all of those plugins to find out which plugins are best for you. That’s why I’m here.

Why WordPress Plugins ?
Well WordPress is an easy to use, reasonably powerful Content Management System. A CMS is designed to act as a platform for every type of website and not any one type of websites in specific. So it has to be a bit generalist in its approach.
Now you may want to do a couple of things with your barebones WP. Now assuming that you can code and add functions to your WordPress database, it still would be quite the hassle.
Plugins were created to solve this particular hassle.
Whilst plugins can not be tailor made for a particular website there are several plugins that cater to specific functions that will prove useful to all WordPress websites irrespective of niche of business or type of site. And apart from that there are niche specific plugins as well.
Today I’ll introduce those plugins that I think a WordPress site can not do without.
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